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Tool Hire in High Wycombe, St Albans and all Locations in the Watford Area

Watford Plant & Grab Hire Ltd can supply the tools you need to get your project off to the best possible start. It doesn’t make good economical sense for companies to buy tools they’ll only use occasionally. And, if your own plant or tools let you down, it’s always helpful to have access to a local hire service that can get you out of trouble. We’re the friendly face of tool hire for Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

Areas covered by Watford Plant & Grab Hire Ltd include Amersham, Beaconsfield, Berkhamsted, Chesham, Chorleywood, Hemel Hempstead, High Wycombe, Rickmansworth and St Albans.

There are many good reasons to use a tool hire service:

Watford Plant & Grab Hire Ltd can supply the following tools to customers and clients in the surrounding Amersham, Beaconsfield, Berkhamsted, Chesham, Chorleywood, Hemel Hempstead, High Wycombe, Rickmansworth and St Albans areas:

Wacker Plates – Make soil, sand and gravel compaction easier with a tool hire service that helps to stabilise land and protect it from adverse weather and freeze/thaw cycles.

Transformers – A transformer increases or reduces alternating current across a circuit, most often from 240V to 110V. This makes it possible for you to use a wider range of 110V tools.

110V Leads – For use with 110V transformers and tools.

Submersible Pumps – A flooded worksite can pose a risk to your workforce. Submersible pumps redirect water away from inland work areas but also have a range of offshore applications.

Bandstands – Otherwise referred to as trestles, tradesmen use these items to provide a stable working platform. They are most often used by bricklayers, plasterers and painters.

Tower Scaffolds – Work at height safely with this smaller yet essential scaffolding structure. Can be supplied on wheels to allow users to move the tower to different working areas.

Scaffold Boards – Used on scaffold towers to provide a level standing area for contractors, and a safe place to position tools without concerns over them falling from the platform.

Acrow Props – A vertical support system designed to absorb the weight of an overhead load. Available in a range of adjustable heights, acrow props suit many types of loadbearing work.

Strongboys – A branded masonry support system with a patented design, attachable to an acrow prop. Perfect for any project that relates to brickwork, blockwork and masonry repairs.

Electric 110V Site Lights – To support our tool hire services, we can supply 110V lights to make worksites and access routes safer, and to help contractors work in dimly-lit areas.

Genie Lifts – A branded lifting system, manually operated, and available in a choice of winch, load and base configurations. Fits easily through standard doorways and into a works van.

Petrol Saws – A versatile tool hire choice that doesn’t need a mains power outlet. With circular friction disks, petrol saws are suitable for cutting into stone, concrete and steel.

Concrete Floats – For large-scale decorative concrete work.

Cement Mixers – A common item of plant that takes the hard work out of mixing cement. This 110V tool allows for mixing and tipping at the same height as a traditional wheelbarrow.

If you have an ongoing or upcoming project in Watford, or in any other location in Amersham, Beaconsfield, Berkhamsted, Chesham, Chorleywood, Hemel Hempstead, High Wycombe, Rickmansworth or St Albans, we want to hear from you. We are here to fulfil your tool hire needs, and to make sure you have everything needed to get the job off to the right start.

We also have grab hire and digger hire services available.

For tool hire services in High Wycombe, St Albans and the surrounding areas, call Watford Plant & Grab Hire Ltd on 01923 674755.