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Grab, Machine and Digger Hire in St Albans | Should I Buy or Hire Plant?

Many of our business clients in St Albans come to us wondering whether they should buy or hire plant. This might be the first time you’ve ever needed a tool hire, a plant hire or a digger hire service too. Investment into your own machinery could be a consideration but, before pulling the trigger, Watford Plant & Grab Hire Ltd recommends some careful thought. Always come to an informed decision that works best for your business.

Machine hire is in our blood and, in addition to plant and tools, we offer a grab hire service for demolition, site clearance and muck away jobs in St Albans. We also have a skip hire service that’s perfect for domestic and builder’s waste.Here, we compare the benefits of tool hire, plant hire and digger hire to the alternative of buying equipment. We also discuss how tool, plant and machine hire ties in with our grab hire, skip hire, muck away and waste management services.

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Access the Latest Models

Watford Plant & Grab Hire Ltd has invested significant money into plant and machinery, including the latest excavators from Kubota. Kubota machines are the backbone of our digger hire and mini digger hire service. We can’t recommend them strongly enough for earthworks, groundworks or muck away projects in the St Albans area. Kubota plant is reassuringly expensive to buy outright, but what happens if you have low usage demand?

Plant hire and machine hire give you access to modern, high-specification diggers, mini diggers and more. Tool hire does the same for handheld equipment. If you have other outgoings (like grab hire or skip hire), rent plant instead of buying.

The Right Equipment for the Job

We have many different items of plant available, so Watford Plant & Grab Hire Ltd can always match you with the right equipment, machinery or tools for the job. If you buy plant for your current project, there’s always the possibility that it won’t be suitable for the next one. Just because you can get by with using your own digger and a skip hire service on a smaller domestic job, what will happen when you need to tackle muck away operations for a larger commercial client?

We offer a traditional and mini digger hire service so that you always have prompt access to machinery and equipment.

Buying plant and finding a balance to minimise expenditure is close to impossible. With tool hire, plant hire and machine hire, our customers in St Albans never have equipment sitting idle and can always access exactly what they need.

Try Before Buying

Even if you have your heart set on owning plant eventually, using a hire service gives you an invaluable opportunity to test the latest equipment first. Use us for plant and mini digger hire, and you can see how well machinery with a high specification compares against a low-end alternative. Using Watford Plant & Grab Hire Ltd also means you can get valuable feedback from employees about plant before buying.

We’re more than just a grab hire, tool hire and machine hire company. Our plant gives you the chance to “try before you buy” and shows you how individual models can mobilise building, construction and muck away operations in St Albans.

Save Time and Money

Watford Plant & Grab Hire Ltd can save you valuable time searching for plant to buy. Tell us what you need, and we’ll find something suited to the job. We also fuel it, deliver to sites in St Albans and, if something ever goes wrong, we cover the cost of maintenance and repairs too. As you can see, plant hire and mini digger hire saves you time and money. Why invest now when you can leave the expenditure and the upkeep to us?

Reduce capital expenditure and use the money you save on other things, like a grab hire service for managing waste, a muck away service for spoil removal, plant, and tool hire for handheld work equipment. We’re proud to cover Hertfordshire as an established plant hire and machine hire specialist.

Storage and Cashflow

One thing to keep in mind before buying plant is that you’ll need space to store it. If you don’t have secure premises, you’ll have to pay for somewhere to keep your machinery and this takes more out of your own profit. Plant, machine and mini digger hire is the ideal solution to this problem. As soon as you complete your earthworks or muck away operations, we’ll come back to St Albans to take the item you hired away.

No storage required!

Buying machinery can cost tens of thousands of pounds and impact your business cashflow. Hire plant as and when you need it, and you can keep your cash free for other investments.

You wouldn’t buy a skip ahead of using a skip hire service, or a truck just to carry out your own grab hire work. We think it is sound judgement and good economic sense to not buy when a tool hire, plant hire, and machine hire service is better for your business, at least financially, as things move forward.

For grab, plant and tool hire services in St Albans, call 01923 674755.