The Leading Provider of Grab & Plant Hire in St Albans


Many of our trade clients in around the St Albans area come to us when weighing up the eternal question: “should I buy or hire?” It might be their first time needing to make use of grab hire and plant hire, or they may have been using it for a while but are considering investing in their own machinery.


Before they pull the trigger on either option, we recommend they approach the problem from a number of different angles. On this page, with the aim of ensuring prospective clients make an informed decision, we’ve presented the key benefits of, for example, mini digger hire and digger hire next to outright purchasing machinery.


If you’re more interested in the other services that we provide the St Albans area, such as site muck away and aggregate supply, pick up the phone and give us a call on 01923 674 755. We’re always happy to provide free, no obligation advice and quotes. Our prices are highly competitive, and we strive to provide a consistent standard of excellence when it comes to customer service.


Reasons to Invest in Plant & Grab Hire


The Latest & Greatest Models – We’ve invested a substantial amount in building a fleet of mini digger hire and digger hire vehicles, all sourced from one of the world’s leading manufacturers – Kubota. They’re of an exceptional quality, and excel whether they’re being used for excavation, muck away or some other aspect of a St Albans construction project. Many find that Kubota plant is too expensive to outright buy, and have to opt for a cheaper manufacturer whose machinery is less reliable, effective and comfortable to use.


Plant hire and grab hire gets round this problem – granting you access to high-end, high-spec vehicles you might otherwise struggle to afford. This is why so many St Albans companies swear by it; you can really get more for your money when you choose plant hire / grab hire over purchasing the same machinery, even when you take into account repeat costs of hire etc.


The Right Tool for the Job – Our fleet takes in a real range of models, so we’ll always be able to match you with the right tool for the job. If you buy a digger rather than use mini digger hire / digger hire, there’s always the possibility that it won’t be able to effectively deal with the next job you take on. This is because some vehicles are better at working in confined spaces, while others don’t have the raw power you need for stressful undertakings.


Buying a digger, you have to try and get a balance between the two, ensuring that it isn’t deadweight for the majority of jobs you take on. With plant hire and grab hire, St Albans clients completely avoid this possibility. We have all sorts of different shapes and sizes of machine, each which fills a different niche. You’ll get the right plant each and every time, and won’t be left wishing you bought something else!

Try Before You Buy – Even if you have your heart set on eventually purchasing an excavator or similar piece of plant, our mini digger hire and digger hire services can give you an invaluable opportunity to try before you buy. And not just a rudimentary test-drive, either – a chance to use a piece of equipment for an actual job, start to finish. The experience you have will definitely help in figuring out what you want, ensuring you make a wise long-term investment and don’t regret the decision you make.


Save Yourself Some Time – Many of our St Albans clients outsource their plant needs because using a dedicated plant hire / grab hire provider saves them a significant amount of time. You tell us what you need, and we find the right model for the task at hand, inspect and fuel it, then bring it straight to your site. Keep in mind that another way that we can help you, is by providing fast and efficient muck away when you finish a phase of a development. This ensures you can either pass the development over to the end user, or commence the next phase without any cause for delay.


Storage? Who Needs It! – One thing you should keep in mind before buying plant is the storage space required to house it. Not every St Albans company has any to spare, let alone enough to house a 2 thousand + kilo excavator. Digger hire and mini digger hire is an ideal solution to this problem, as we’ll simply take it away once you’re finished with it, and deliver it back the next time you need it. No storage required!


Keep Cash Flowing – For many St Albans companies and trades, this is the most important benefit of plant hire / grab hire. Buying a machine can set you back tens of thousands of pounds, severely impacting cash flow for the foreseeable future. By using digger hire or mini digger hire as and when you need it, for example for muck away, you can keep cash freed up for further investment into your business, or whatever else you need it for!

For affordable plant hire and grab hire in the St Albans area, call our friendly team of professionals on 01923 674 755.