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Plant Hire and Machine Hire in Rickmansworth, St Albans and Hertfordshire

Watford Plant & Grab Hire Ltd is a specialist in digger hire services but did you know that we also have a full range of plant and tools to rent? We understand that some customers in the surrounding Hertfordshire area won’t have the demand, or the expenditure, to invest into their own plant, or into specialist tools and attachments. It doesn’t make good economic sense to buy something you’ll rarely need to use.

Plant hire and machine hire get our Amersham, Berkhamsted, Chesham, Chorleywood, Harpenden, Hemel Hempstead, Luton, Rickmansworth and St Albans customers around this problem. Call 01923 674755 to arrange a hire agreement.

When you need a responsive solution to your hire needs, at a fair and competitive price, Watford Plant & Grab Hire Ltd is always on hand to help. Below, we list some of the equipment we currently have available, and provide a brief description explaining what that plant or tool does on the job.

For your large-scale plant hire and machine hire needs, we can deliver to all Hertfordshire areas, often on the same day.

Diggers and Excavators

An excavator is a piece of heavy construction equipment used to dig holes, trenches and foundations. It has a hydraulic operating system, with a bucket attached, and a cab for the operator to sit in. Used for demolitions, site clearances, earthworks and groundworks, excavators come in assorted sizes and different power capacities. They handle heavy loads.

We offer a digger and mini digger hire service using machinery from Kubota, an industry-leading plant manufacturer.


A dumper is a vehicle widely used on construction sites for carrying material in bulk. It is a four-wheeled piece of equipment with a skip attached to the front and an open cab to the rear. The skip of a dumper operates hydraulically for accurate tipping. The vehicle itself can transfer loads across larger construction sites to help keep operations running.

Dumpers use diesel to power them and they have towing eyes fitted which make them adaptable for use as site tractors. They are one of our most popular plant hire items.

Breakers and Peckers

Breakers, hammers and peckers are all one and the same thing. Fitted to an excavator, these powerful percussion hammers can break down concrete hydraulically. This type of machine hire is an excellent alternative to a jackhammer across large areas, on sites where it isn’t safe to use blasting methods, and anywhere there might be environmental issues to consider.

First used in 1967, the breaker is a German invention and one that has gone on to be in worldwide use today.

Perfect for breaking up concrete and slabs, Watford Plant & Grab Hire Ltd supplies to projects in Amersham, Berkhamsted, Chesham, Chorleywood, Harpenden, Hemel Hempstead, Luton, Rickmansworth and St Albans, and to locations in the surrounding Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire areas.

Riddle Buckets

These attachments complement our digger and mini digger hire service. A riddle bucket is similar in design to a traditional bucket but because it has holes at the back, it works like a sieve and can separate stone from soil. Also known as a shaker bucket, because of the motion it uses, this attachment fits onto a digger to help separate aggregates and topsoil.

We can deliver riddle buckets attached to a digger as part of our comprehensive plant hire and machine hire service, or we can supply them separately with clear instructions on fitting.

Demolition Grapples

Demolition grapples are hydraulically operated attachments used to demolish and move non-concrete structures and materials. More efficient than a traditional bucket, a grapple has jaws which meet as they close. This allows them to pick up heavy objects with accuracy and precision, and to establish a safe and firm grip before moving materials across site.

Easy to use and versatile, grapples make light work of small demolition jobs and help to keep waste materials separated.


A telehandler has many similarities to a forklift but, because it has a boom, it operates more closely to a crane. Because the boom has a hydraulic system, it is powerful, versatile and extends in forward and upward directions. The boom itself can accommodate a wide range of different attachments. Booms have a lift height of up to 45ft and often more.

Common in construction, telehandlers also help in agriculture, and for lifting pallets in warehouses using fork attachments.

Again, we can supply telehandlers to projects in the Amersham, Berkhamsted, Chesham, Chorleywood, Harpenden, Hemel Hempstead, Luton, Rickmansworth and St Albans areas, and to all locations within a wide radius of Watford.


A roller is a common plant hire and machine hire choice for compacting sand, soil and stone. This makes a roller suitable for construction, landscaping and hard surfacing work. Cylindrical rollers work well for compacting small areas, but it is more common to see pneumatic, smooth-wheeled and sheepsfoot rollers used for road and motorway surfacing, for car park construction work, and on civil engineering projects.

We can supply you with a 1200 double drum roller, a tandem machine suitable for most types of compaction work.

Trench Rammers

A trench rammer is a small compactor used to apply direct force over a more concentrated area. This makes our plant ideal for compacting soil to a specific depth. Most commonly used to compact trenches when digging footings, a trench rammer works particularly well with cohesive soil types. This machinery gets into areas that a standard compactor can’t.

When a job needs deeper compaction for firmer soil layers, trench rammers make filling faster and more targeted.


A grinder is a powerful hand or machine tool and, as the name suggests, it grinds surfaces using an abrasive wheel which rotates at extremely high speeds. In construction, a contractor can also use a grinder as a cutting tool. Each individual grain of the abrasive wheel performs a small cut to the working surface. We call this shear deformation.

While also supplied as part of our tool hire service, this is an electro-mechanical device and a very important part of a combined plant hire and machine hire service too.

Angle grinders play an important role in construction and hard landscaping, particularly in the cutting of concrete.

Concrete Crushers

This machinery reduces hard material mechanically to make it suitable for re-use as a secondary aggregate, or for disposal. Used during demolitions and developments, a concrete crusher makes material recycling a much safer, faster and efficient process. It uses leverage, grinding, impact and rolling to break materials, like concrete slabs and rebars, apart.

We deliver concrete crushers to all parts of Hertfordshire and offer a supporting grab hire service for material removals.

Grab Hire

• Grab loads from £150.00
• Plant haulage from £100.00

We make collections within a wide radius of Watford to include Amersham, Berkhamsted, Chesham, Chorleywood, Harpenden, Hemel Hempstead, Luton, Rickmansworth and St Albans.

Earth Drills

Also referred to as earth augers or post-hole augers, earth drills are tools used to make holes in the ground. They have a vertical metal rod which rotates or a pipe with blades which can be used as an attachment to cut or scrape soil.

You can find out more about earth drills by using this link:


For plant hire and machine hire services in Rickmansworth, St Albans and Hertfordshire, call Watford Plant & Grab Hire Ltd on 01923 674755.