A Huge Range of Top of the Line Machines Available With Our Grab Hire in Watford & St Albans


At Watford Plant & Grab Hire, we make a big point of investing in only top quality new machinery, so our clients can quickly and efficiently handle their project. All our plant hire and grab hire solutions are sourced from Kubota, one of the world’s foremost construction machinery manufacturers. With Kubota, you know you’re getting a high specification, reliable machine that incorporates modern technology.


On this page, we’ve run through the technical specifications of the different options we make available to clients around Watford and St Albans as part of our digger hire / mini digger hire services. If you have any question regarding the below information, or you’d like to discuss your project and how we can help you, pick up the phone and call 01923 674 755. We can provide plant hire or grab hire with or without a qualified and experienced operator, the choice is yours.

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Our Digger Hire & Mini Digger Hire Options


U36-4 – This is a 3.5-tonne compact excavator which is as powerful as it is versatile. Boasting precise oil flow control to the auxiliary circuit, it’s easier than ever before to operate auxiliary attachments. It has improved arm breakout force, and a number of extra features that make it an upgrade over earlier incarnations. It weights in at 3755 kg, has a 24.2 horsepower engine, and a digging depth of up to 3410mm. Minimum width stands at 1700mm.


U27-4 – With an impressively large cab, which is actually the biggest in its class, the new and improved U27-4 is both comfortable and extremely powerful. It excels in tight spaces, and boasts an ultra-short swing radius, excellent visibility, and a technologically advanced digital dashboard. The U27-4 weighs 2590 kg, can reach a top speed of 4.5 KPH, has 3 cylinders and 21.2 PS of power.


U48-4 – This machine can work in any condition, perfectly balancing power and versatility, making it an ideal choice in many plant hire / digger hire situations. It’s been designed with stability in mind, so that it can function perfectly even in confined spaces. The U48-4 comes with two axillary circuits as standard and precise oil flow control. Since the last model in this series, digging and lifting power, as well as travel performance have been improved. Specs are: 4 cylinders, a weight of 4775kg, a speed of 4.9 KPH and 40.5 power PS. Features include an ultra-short swing radius, hydraulic system load sensing, air conditioned cab and digital dashboard.

Mini Digger Hire in Watford

U10-3 Side Lever – The easy-to-operate Kubota U10-3 is a fantastic mini digger with zero tail swing and a side lever that improves operating conditions, making it a very comfortable machine to work with. It features a variable track, and weigh 1120kg. Digging depth tops out at 1800mm, while the min width and engine output are 750mm and 10.2 PS respectively.


U17-3A – This is ideal for your digger hire if you need a decent amount of digging depth and reach. Our Watford and St Albans clients benefit from the newly implemented short-pitched rubber crawlers, which minimise vibration and thus have a significant positive effect on operator comfort. Its three-vortex combustion system brings high-energy output, and minimises fuel consumption/exhaust emissions. Specifications are: 1650kg weight, 3 cylinders, 4.1kph and 16 PS. As with many other Kubota plant hire options, it has an ultra-short swing radius, integrated hydraulic hoses and high performance translation.

U10-3 – Another compact offering for mini digger plant and grab hire, this is a reliable machine that incorporates a high degree of operator protection. It weighs 1120kg, reaches a speed of 4kph, has 3 cylinders and a 102 PS power output. Ultra-short swing radius, a variable frame and 2 speed setting round out a well-balanced choice for working in a restricted environment.


K-008-3 – Very compact, extremely reliable. This is a fantastic choice for mini digger hire if space is limited. It offers enhanced operator safety, has a variable frame and extra protection of hydraulic hoses. It weights 980kg, can reach a speed of 2kph, boasts 3 cylinders and 10.2 PS. A great all-rounder, suitable for all sorts of jobs including muck away.


U20-3a – Rounding out our selection of plant hire and grab hire options is the U20-3A. Precise controls and superior performance and efficiency are just some of the characteristics that make it a very popular choice amongst Watford and St Albans clients. Low operating costs and a high degree of reliability make it suited for a real range of jobs. It’s one of the heavier bits of kit we have, at 2380kg. Other specs: 4.2KPH speed, 3 cylinders and a 19 PS power output.


Have a question about any of our plant hire or grab hire options? Pick up the phone and give us a call. We deliver all machinery right to your site, and pride ourselves on both competitive prices, and an ultra-fast turnaround time.

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