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Grab, Machine and Plant Hire in Luton | Working Towards a Safer Construction Site

At Watford Plant & Grab Hire Ltd, we can’t emphasise strongly enough how important it is to maintain a culture of site safety. The construction sector is critical to any tool hire, plant hire or machine hire company. For some services, like digger hire, we provide a trained operative to man our machinery. Other items, like petrol saws and hand tools, require end users from Luton to have safety training.

If plant hire is more useful to you than grab hire and waste management, we’re not only here to supply the items you need, but we’ll also support our services with safety advice.

In doing so, we can help you to avoid slips, falls, accidents and injury. Here, Watford Plant & Grab Hire Ltd looks at how you can stay safe, and how you can enjoy a better standard of service whenever you choose us to fulfil your tool hire, plant hire, machine hire and digger hire requirements.

If you have an upcoming project in Luton and need our advice on hire services, call us on 01923 674755.

Site Layouts

Building and construction sites are dangerous environments. An item of plant, or a series of cables, can present a hazard to contractors. Awareness is key but, to make sites safer, we advise that you equip your site with visible fencing and barriers. In doing so, you can create dedicated workspace where personnel can use items from our tool hire and plant hire range in relative safety and with fewer distractions.

Those not involved with plant from our machine and digger hire range can avoid these working areas completely.

Keep in mind that if you have fencing and barriers in place but need us to make a collection from Luton through our grab hire service, this won’t be a problem. A grab lorry has an extending arm that reaches into areas with limited access.

Personal Protective Equipment

Some types of work are more dangerous than others but with plant hire and machine hire, as opposed to tool hire where many items are light and handheld, there are lifting and falling risks. The only way to make your workplace safe is to supply personnel with personal protective equipment (PPE) and safety gear. This can range from safety harnesses and fall arrest equipment, to portable fire trolleys for welders.

With our grab hire and digger hire services, the need for PPE isn’t as critical. This is because we supply these items of heavy machinery with a trained operator. All operators have CSCS cards, which grant them authorised access onto sites in Luton and the surrounding Bedfordshire area.

Lighting and Visibility

Out tool hire service includes the provision of 110V lighting for site use. Particularly useful during the darker autumn and winter months, or when personnel are working into the evening and overnight, site lights improve visibility and can also illuminate emergency access and egress routes. If plant hire, machine hire and digger hire safety is more about the actual equipment, then lighting is very much about the surroundings.

Watford Plant & Grab Hire Ltd can supply lights to projects in Luton, and transformers to run them.

In fact, we can mobilise site operations by supplying projects with anything from scaffolding to submersible pumps. It is our privilege to provide you with grab and plant hire services that are safe by design, but which are also built around the way you plan, organise and execute your own service delivery.

Aggregate and Sand Suppliers

To further enhance our services in the Luton area, we can now deliver aggregates, including MOT Type 1, using our flexible grab hire fleet. Use us as sand suppliers and shingle suppliers, or for a wider range of primary and secondary aggregates in any quantity. The choice is entirely up to you, and we can deliver to the domestic or commercial sectors.

Because we use a grab lorry to deliver aggregates, Watford Plant and Grab hire Ltd can offload sand, shingle or MOT Type 1 exactly where you need it. We can even drop off aggregates over hoardings using the hydraulic arm of our grab lorry.

For grab, plant and tool hire services in Luton, call 01923 674755.