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Machine and Plant Hire in Hemel Hempstead | Do I Need a Grab Lorry or a Skip?

If you play a role in construction, or if you like a bit of DIY work at the weekend, you’ll know that waste is an inevitable by-product of any job. Watford Plant & Grab Hire Ltd is a waste management specialist for the nearby Hemel Hempstead area. We can offer you a choice between grab hire for larger site clearance and muck away work, and skip hire for smaller domestic removals and builder’s waste.

If you plan to use us for digger or mini digger hire, or for plant hire, machine hire or tool hire, each of these services will also be available to you at a fair, competitive price.

Grab hire and skip hire both have their benefits (and, in our own refreshingly honest fashion, we admit to each one having a couple of minor drawbacks too). Never start a construction, muck away or DIY job, or use a mini digger hire service, without knowing in advance how you’ll deal with the waste. A reputable plant hire, machine hire and tool hire company will always be able to advise you clearly on its services.

This page explains the differences between grab hire and skip hire to prospective customers from Hemel Hempstead.

Grab Hire and Skip Hire Explained

Our two main waste collection and disposal methods, to all intents, serve the same purpose. Where they differ is in design. Grab hire is a service that uses a truck, fitted with a hydraulic reach arm and bucket, to collect waste in a single visit. The bucket grabs material, much like a claw, and places it onto the loading bed of the truck for immediate removal.

Grab hire is the better choice for demolitions, large site clearances, muck away work and bigger landscaping jobs.

A skip hire service is the delivery of units to the Hemel Hempstead area in sizes of up to 12 yards, or roll-on/roll-off containers in 20-yard and 40-yard capacities. Skips stay onsite until full, and then the customer calls us to arrange a collection. Based on how much waste your job generates, we can drop off an empty skip to replace the full one we remove.

Skip hire is the better choice for domestic clearances in Hemel Hempstead, for some building projects, and for small loads of spoil from our mini digger hire service.

Grab Hire Benefits

Plant hire, machine hire and tool hire services are always a handy choice but, if you expect a clearance or a muck away project in the Hemel Hempstead area to generate large volumes of waste or spoil, or if you don’t have the space for a skip, we recommend that you use us for grab hire. Because the reach arm and bucket on the truck grabs material and loads it for you, you don’t need to worry about filling skips manually or bagging waste. Collections take around 20 minutes.

You won’t need to apply for any permits or permissions.

With skip hire, you have to load waste into a unit that’s in a set location and position for the entirety of the job. With grab hire, you can store waste anywhere within reach of the hydraulic arm, even behind fences and walls. If you use us for mini digger hire and have muck away spoil for us to collect, our grab lorries can reach behind site perimeter hoardings.

Customers in Hemel Hempstead also have the option to use grab hire for aggregate and topsoil deliveries.

Skip Hire Benefits

Choose skip hire if you have small-scale waste removal needs, or if you need to manage your loads over several days or weeks. Based on the size of skip you order, you can still use our units for sizeable clearance and muck away projects, but please remember that you’ll need to load the skip yourself. This can stop you or your workforce from doing other things and, of course, there’s plenty of hard work involved too.

This isn’t to say that skip hire won’t be the right choice for the job. Customers in Hemel Hempstead who need a skip to collect spoil from digger or mini digger hire operations can leave our plant to do most of the hard work for them. We firmly believe that our local plant hire, machine hire and tool hire services really are second to none.

Use skip hire, and you won’t need to lose time travelling to the local tip or run the risk of damaging your own car.

With grab hire, there’s no real need to worry about anything except making waste accessible. Skip hire needs a little more thought. If you don’t have room for a unit on a property or site, you will need a permit from the local authority for Hemel Hempstead to have one positioned on the roadside. You will also need signage and lights to alert drivers at night.

Once you have completed your clearance or muck away project, you’ll need to call Watford Plant & Grab Hire Ltd to have the skip collected. We can usually deal with this on a same or next-day basis. This keeps costs down for our customers.

If you have used us for mini digger hire, or for plant hire, machine hire or tool hire, we can arrange collection of any items you have used at the same time we pick up your skips.

For grab, plant and tool hire services in Hemel Hempstead, call 01923 674755.