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Machine and Digger Hire in Harpenden | Finding the Right Digger for the Job

Watford Plant & Grab Hire Ltd can supply you with a digger hire service that’s perfect for small-scale and large-scale excavations in the Harpenden area. This is part of a wider range of services encompassing everything to do with tool hire, plant hire and machine hire, and the provision of modern waste management services. We’re always here to deliver the very best in independent advice for our valued customers.

If you have been considering us for digger hire, you will need to evaluate which type of machine is best for the job.

Firstly, you’ll always need to allow plenty of space for the digger to occupy, and for construction work to continue around it. Watford Plant & Grab Hire Ltd can supply mini excavators to jobs in Harpenden with a limited amount of space, and for smaller domestic projects. These diggers have a 360° cab turning circle, which makes them particularly versatile. For driveway and patio sub-bases, and for small ditches and holes, something like the Kubota U10-3 will work very well.

For larger excavations, our combined tool hire, plant hire and machine hire company would recommend the Kubota U20-3A.


Watford Plant & Grab Hire Ltd always recommends that you carry out an inspection of the terrain at your Harpenden site, and that you make a choice on digger hire based on wheel sizes, rubber tracks and steel tracks. We can offer you each of these excavator types. For solid surfaces, a digger on wheels will be the best option. On rough or uneven terrain, it’s better to go for something that is fitted with tracks.

And when it comes to the digging itself, we couldn’t be better equipped to provide tool hire, plant hire or machine hire.

The attachments and buckets you need for any type of work are available from Watford Plant & Grab Hire Ltd, and we even supply the job with a trained operator should you need one. Our operators have CSCS cards so, if you need digger hire for a commercial project in Harpenden, access to the site won’t be a problem. You can, of course, man our diggers with your own staff so long as they have taken the required training.

Depth and Volume

Digger hire will always be dictated by depth and by volume. A sizeable amount of uplifted spoil is inevitable, so it doesn’t make good sense to hire a small excavator just to save money if you have more material to move. The more material you need to dig out, the longer it will take with a smaller machine. Hire something a little larger from our range, and you’ll get the job done in a timescale that provides a little more value.

If you would like to know more about digger specifications, we at Watford Plant & Grab Hire Ltd can advise you.

Our combined tool hire and plant hire company wants you to be 100% happy with the digger you hire. By meeting and exceeding your expectations of us, we can grow our reputation in the Harpenden and Hertfordshire areas in much the same way as we originally built it in our home county of Hertfordshire.

Aggregate and Sand Suppliers

To further enhance our services in the Harpenden area, we can now deliver aggregates, including MOT Type 1, using our flexible grab hire fleet. Use us as sand suppliers and shingle suppliers, or for a wider range of primary and secondary aggregates in any quantity. The choice is entirely up to you, and we can deliver to the domestic or commercial sectors.

Because we use a grab lorry to deliver aggregates, Watford Plant and Grab hire Ltd can offload sand, shingle or MOT Type 1 exactly where you need it. We can even drop off aggregates over hoardings using the hydraulic arm of our grab lorry.

For grab, plant and tool hire services in Harpenden, call 01923 674755.