Demolition, Site Clearance & Muck Away in Watford


Alongside our plant and grab hire services, another main part of our business is demolition and site clearance works. We can demolish anything from a shed, through to houses and larger buildings. On the site clearance side of things, we can take away all debris including timber, shrubbery, bricks, blocks, concrete and muck.


We will remove all materials quickly, carefully and in an as unobtrusive manner as possible, which minimises disruption to ongoing development projects that we’re called to around Watford and St Albans. If possible, we will use a powerful crusher machine to break up materials for recycling purposes. To discuss your individual requirements, give us a call on 01923 674 755. As with all the services we deliver, our prices are highly competitive.

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Deemed one of the most high-risk activities in the construction sector, it’s essential demolition is only ever conducted by trained professionals. Our team understands how to identify and control any associated risk via careful planning and environmental management, before the demolition itself gets underway. We work to best practice guidelines outlined in the CDM Regulations, and have an immaculate track-record providing demolitions of all types and sizes throughout Watford, St Albans and all surrounding locales.


Before a demolition gets underway, it’s important to figure out whether or not the project requires formal planning permission. Typically, you’ll need the official green light if you’re looking to demolish walls, gates or a building over 50 cubic metres in size. Permission is also required for smaller properties in conservation areas and listed buildings in any area. Other important things to consider are any potential environmental impact, the possible presence of asbestos, nearby structural hazards and risks, and any relevant building regulations.


Once everything is accounted for, we’ll forge ahead with the demolition itself. The preparatory phase includes setting up security on site, disconnecting utilities etc. Then we will make use of specialist plant machinery which can safely make short work of even the toughest of structures. Some minor demolition work can be carried out purely by hand, so it really depends on what we’re dealing with. It’s a bespoke service, tailored to your individual requirements.

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Site Clearance


There are many situations in which you might require a professional site clearance or muck away service. It may be as part of the aforementioned demolition service, which obviously generates a lot of waste that will need to be gotten rid of in a responsible manner. Some domestic clients require site clearance as they’re investing in a property extension, house refurbishment or similar improvement which generates a lot of rubbish.


We’re equally capable of handling site clearance and muck away for commercial and industrial clients around Watford and St Albans. From new build housing schemes, to the development of huge office properties – we’ll get rid of waste as and when it accumulates, giving you a clean slate to continue work on free of work-place hazards associated with clutter and litter. By using high specification plant hire equipment, we can make very quick work of even the most chaotic of sites – freeing up manpower that would otherwise be used laboriously loading vehicles etc.

To discuss your demolition or site clearance requirements, call 01923 674 755. We’re the top choice for these services, and muck away, in and around Watford and St Albans.

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