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Plant, Machine and Digger Hire in Chesham | The Basics of Using an Excavator

While most items in our tool hire, plant hire and machine hire range are simple and safe to use, some require a little more skill or, in the case of digger hire, an independent operator. The operator will understand the basics of using an excavator and the controls. When you use a digger and operator on any project in the Chesham area, you can leave us to worry about the equipment, the running costs and the wear and tear.

We’re more than just a grab hire company. Our friendly team is an extension of your business, so we do whatever it takes to make you the most important commodity in our own.

With digger hire services from some of our competitors, you’ll need to use your own operator. This leads to extra training costs and, if damage occurs, the price of tool hire, plant hire and machine hire increases. Without a waiver, the burden of repairs falls onto the company that rented the equipment.

Watford Plant & Grab Hire Ltd covers the Chesham area as a fully insured company that supplies an operator with all heavy plant and machinery. In the event of damage to any item owned by our company, we foot the bill for maintenance and repairs.

Here, we look at the fundamentals of safe excavator use.


Excavators have standard control patterns that reverse between systems. While it is possible to switch between each of them, it requires a skilled operator to do so. If you are new to digger hire and plan on training your own operator, they will normally only learn about ISO controls. The operators at Watford Plant & Grab Hire Ltd also learn about SAE controls.

We’re flexible in our approach to tool hire, plant hire and machine hire, and in the way we approach team development.

Operators attending your site in Chesham go through a starting process that allows the engine to idle and warm up, which reduces the potential for breakdowns. They have experience in lever and joystick use, which allows for complete control of the boom and cab over 360°. They also understand how to use the handles and pedals to move diggers around the site.

When you use a digger hire service without an operator, these are things you’ll need to train your own staff in first.


Without the correct training in any item from our tool hire, plant hire and machine hire range, you run the risk of causing damage to the equipment, or injury to the operator, other contractors or the public. In the case of digger hire, poor positioning on an uneven surface could cause an excavator to tip. A trained operator knows this and will always position machinery on stable ground that supports the weight of plant.

The operators at Watford Plant & Grab Hire Ltd will position the head on the incline if work on sloped ground in the Chesham area is unavoidable. This is something that only comes with experience, and we have more experience than most.

In terms of the actual excavation work, digger hire services from our company include levelling and grading. If required, we use laser levelling and marking tools to achieve perfect alignment. This isn’t something that’s always available on some sites in Chesham, but it is something that the team from Watford Plant & Grab Hire Ltd can bring to the job.

Whatever your tool hire, plant hire and machine hire needs might be, we are always here to fulfil them.

For grab, plant and tool hire services in Chesham, call 01923 674755.