Tool & Building Equipment Hire Services Alongside Digger Hire in Watford & St Albans


Alongside the full range of plant hire services that we detail here, we provide building equipment hire for clients who might be in temporary need of a construction tool or attachment. Below, we’ve listed the prices, terms and basic specifications of these different solutions, as well as brief descriptions of what each does.


Excavators – Heavy machinery which excavates all types of soil thanks to a powerful hydraulic system. Useful for demolition projects, handling heavy materials and general construction work.


Dumpers – Vehicle designed to carry large amounts of material, usually to, from and around building sites. Depending on the model, the cab will be either behind or in front of the load.


Peckers – These are hydraulic attachments that are designed to break up tough material like hard/thick concrete slabs. They attach to most excavators.


Shaker/Riddle Buckets – These are a lot like digger buckets but with holes in, which allow certain sized materials to filter through, a lot like a sieve. They’re an easy way to separate large amounts of soil from stone.


Mechanical Demolition Grapple – In many cases, these grapples are simply more efficient than a traditional bucket. As their name suggests, one very common usage is demolition projects.


Telehandlers – Similar to a forklift, these feature a boom which allows a large extension of movement. They can be fitted with pallet forks to allow easy lifting of loads to otherwise unreachable locations.


Rollers – These vehicles make it quick and easy to compact soil, gravel, concrete or asphalt – making them essential for tasks like road or foundation construction.


Trench Rammer – A smaller form of compactor which directs force into a more concentrated area. This makes them ideal for when you need to compact soil or a similar material to a significant depth.


Grinder – Used to cut and polish strong materials, a grinder utilises an abrasive wheel that is rotated at extremely high speeds.


Crusher – Ideal for reducing the size of large rocks or similar materials into much smaller ones. Useful in creating aggregates, as well as the recycling of waste materials.

Prices & Specifications





Shaker/Griddle Buckets

Mechanical Demolition Grapple


Small Plant Hire

Crusher Hire


We can provide concrete crusher hire, please phone for all enquiries relating to this.


Grab Lorry Hire


Grab loads from £150

Plant haulage from £100


Please phone for all enquiries relating to grab hire, muck away, concrete and aggregates and also our plant delivery services.

You can reach our friendly, professional team of equipment hire specialists on 01923 674 755. We cover Watford, St Albans and all nearby locales.